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Finalist at the 2017 Safe Work and Return to Work Awards

Recently, Verifact was a finalist at the 2017 Safe Work and Return to Work Awards in the category of “Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance”.

Verifact were recognised for their efforts in driving good behaviour in a consultative and empowered environment.

This included:

  • establishing a safety committee;
  • overhauling of the health and safety manual;
  • providing health and safety training for managers;
  • reviewing the fatigue management policy to suit industry and ageing workforce;
  • reviewing rostering patterns;
  • changing staff measures to include leading safety indicators;
  • improving safety communication;
  • introducing a hazard observation tool; &
  • reviewing the design and fit out of all traffic control utility vehicles.

Since implementing these changes, participation rates amongst workers and management has improved. An ever increasing number of hazard observations are also now reported.

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