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Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is important to Verifact. We hope the following statement will help you understand how Verifact collects, uses, discloses, holds and safeguards your personal information.

We take pride in offering the highest standards of service delivery and assistance to our customers and clients. We appreciate the importance of protecting your personal information and recognise the trust placed in us when you supply such information to us.

We are bound by the National Privacy Principles of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 that sets the standard for how we should protect your personal information and is an integral part of our business processes and procedures. Verifact is fully committed to complying with these standards.

About Verifact

Verifact is a proprietary limited company, privately owned and operated. We were formed in 1990 for the purpose of providing a commercial investigation service to corporate and Government clientele in Australia.

Collection of Personal Information

Why do we collect personal information?

We will only collect information from you that we need. Generally, we will need to collect some personal information from you to assist our clients to:

  • service and administer their products, accounts and other needs;
  • assess and process a particular application or request;
  • investigate and assess any claim made under a policy or contract;
  • administer a policy or contract;
  • conduct investigations under common and statutory laws;
  • perform due diligence and compliance checks;
  • to satisfy any legal requirements.

How do we collect personal information?

Where it is reasonable and practicable, we will collect personal information directly from you. If it is lawful and practicable to do so, we will also give you the option of interacting anonymously with us.

However, there are circumstances where we may have to collect personal information about you from someone else or information about someone else from you. Should we collect personal information from you about someone else then you are responsible for telling that person that we have collected the information. You may wish to refer that person to this Privacy Charter.

We may collect your personal information in various ways including, but not limited to, the telephone, during a personal interview, over the internet or from other assessors, medical providers and professional experts.

Whatever the source of the information we collect, you can be assured that we will protect your personal information and treat it with the utmost importance and respect.

What personal information do we collect?

We generally collect names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, residential/property details, vehicle details, circumstances and insurance related details.

There are occasions that we will need to collect ‘sensitive’ information from or about you and if this is the case you can be assured we will treat such information strictly in accordance with National Privacy Principle 10 of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

Such information may be, but not limited to, criminal records, health records and salary or financial information.

How do we use your personal information?

Primarily, we use your personal information to assist our clients and their customers to process applications and administer their business needs.

We will also use your personal information to assist our clients in meeting their lawful obligations under various Federal and State Government schemes, regulations and statutory requirements.

Quality of Information

We use advanced technology, continual data verification processes, documented employee procedures and internal monitoring protocols to ensure that your personal information is accurately collected, recorded and disclosed.

We also request you to advise us if you believe that personal information we hold about you is inaccurate or out-of-date.

In addition, we require high standards of information quality from our client organisations, service providers, contractors and others who provide us with information of a personal nature.

Security of Personal Information

You can be assured that any personal information we collect, store or hold about you in the course of our business is protected in accordance with National Privacy Principle 4.1 which requires us to protect such information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We employ physical security measures to prevent unauthorised entry to our premises including alarm systems and security patrols. Paper-based personal information is stored within secure containers with key control access.

Our computer and network security systems are protected by software and hardware firewalls, anti-virus & intrusion software, attack tracking software and access control password systems. These measures reduce the risk of system intrusion by hacking, viruses, trojans, web bugs and physical intervention.

Our staff are regularly trained to manage personal information strictly in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the associated National Privacy Principles.

Employees and sub-contractors of Verifact are bound contractually to keep personal information confidential and secure at all times. We implement ongoing training and communication programs designed to educate employees about our Privacy Charter.

Paper-based personal information is held securely for a statutory time period before being destroyed by secure means whilst ensuring compliance with de-identification procedures.

Access to Personal Information

Under the provisions of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 you have access to the personal information we hold about you.

Should you require access to such personal information we hold, we will ask you to submit a ‘Release of Personal Information’ request form’.

This form will require you to prove that you are the same individual for which the release of information is required for. We will endeavour to respond to your request for a release of information within 14 working days from the date of submission of such a request.

Frivolous, vexatious or illegal requests for a release of information will not be processed.

Under sections 6.1(e-k) and 6.3 of the National Privacy Principles to the Privacy Act, some requests for a Release of Personal Information will be denied. Under section 6.7 of the National Privacy Principles we may not disclose reasons for preventing access to such information.

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