Service. Protection. Integrity.

Traffic Control

With a strong focus on safety, and an unblemished record, we have been supplying traffic control services since 1999 to a diverse range of loyal and high profile clients. As industry specialists, we are fully quality assured, certified, audited and accredited.

We provide consistent professionalism and exceptional service and protection reducing risk to the public, our clients, and other stakeholders. Our reputation is built on reliability, effective delivery and providing a personalised service that suits your specific site needs.

From initial planning and assessment to inspection, we provide best practice techniques and ensure compliance with state requirements, risk management strategies and occupational health and safety principles.

By taking a holistic approach, we are able to provide a range of traffic services and equipment. We work closely with many clients to manage the full suite of required services pertaining to road management such as, but not limited to arbours services, centre line mulling, street signage, provision of barriers and barrier repairs, line marking, disaster management control.

  • Risk management & safety
  • Routine & planned maintenance
  • Defined projects
  • Site surveys
  • Site administration
  • Disaster response
  • Pre-works audit
  • Traffic control plans
  • Traffic planning software
  • Submission of plans
  • Permit appreciations and approvals
  • 24 hour support
  • Contractor management
  • Training & safety inductions
  • Equipment hire
  • Quality contract staff
  • Traffic counting
  • Line marking