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Integrated Services

Verifact is a leading managed service company with an international reach and a deep value driven approach to integrating services and task management specialising in the provision of support services to a wide range of organisations across Australia. Working with our customers throughout Australia, we have developed an enviable reputation for providing high quality world-class services across a diverse range of applications.

We focus on providing effective solutions to a large range of clients utilising strategies that allow them to reap the rewards of using a single source provider, significantly lowering their exposure to a diverse range of risks and allowing them to focus on their core business, under a Managed Services or Integrated Services Model across a diverse but interlinking spectrum.

With over 650 staff and 350 highly skilled contractors across Australia, Verifact has a strong reputation in the marketplace for being agile, lateral thinking, professional and client focused experts who provide holistic approached solutions to our clients evolving needs.

Managed & Integrated Services delivered by Verifact include a full range of Hard and Soft Facility Management services on its major sites, meeting the demands of our large and diverse customer base. Verifact has many years’ experience in the area of Integrated Service and Asset management in corporate, civil, residential and government contracts. We currently provide a full range of Hard & Soft Facility Management services on a number of national sites, managing a complex mix of speciality services and contract deliverables.

Each of our contracts varies in line with the local requirements and our flexible solutions. However, it typically focuses on four major areas of service provision both in terms of lifecycle planning, planned and preventative maintenance tasks including reactive maintenance, adhoc services, and capital improvement program support all backed by a professional project management team.

Our staff are continually updating their skill sets through investment in development and training, which is provided through accredited sources, ensuring that Verifact are providing exceptional service to their customers.