Service. Protection. Integrity.


Since 1990, Verifact has provided quality orientated investigation services using our technical knowledge and experience of investigating, surveying and adjusting claims. We have a process of constant innovation whereby we continually improve our service delivery, our product, and our human resources.

Clients enjoy the synergy that our unique national infrastructure is able to provide resulting in resource optimisation, economies of scale and rationalisation of processes, quality control and consistent training.  We have an extensive track record and experience base in a wide range of environments; all requiring the application of good risk management principles.

Verifact excels in creating internal competition, cost efficiency and service delivery.  This is backed by a sophisticated level of intellectual resources and structure to ensure the quality of our timeliness, project management and service delivery.

We conduct services nationally in the following disciplines;

  • Investigations:
    • Workers Compensation
    • Compulsory Third Party, Liability
    • Life & Disability
    • General Insurance
    • Corporate Fraud
    • HR & WH&S Workplace Investigations
    • Surveillance
  • Loss Adjusting
  • Marine, Hull and Cargo Surveys
  • Theft embezzlement
  • Incident & accident investigation
  • Harassment & misconduct
  • Employee fraud
  • Field calls
  • Workplace assessments
  • Industrial relations investigations
  • HR, resource & employment solutions
  • Training & compliance
  • Government & Corporate risk solutions
  • Strategic alliance partners
  • Internal & external theft/fraud
  • Stock & marine loss
  • Float & transport
  • Trade market & IP
  • Surveillance solutions
  • Employee contractor
  • Security site assessments
  • Expense litigation
  • Incident & accident (OHS)